Robert (Dylan McDermott) was enjoying his birthday until he was abducted by two Russian men, and locked in a meat freezer. They claim that he has stolen 8 million dollars from them, and they want it back. Robert has no idea what they’re talking about, but he’s only got a few hours to figure out a way to escape, or he’ll come face to face with the mob boss who has been looking for his money.

With a strong, smart-ass performance from Dylan McDermott, Freezer builds an amazing amount of tension and action, all within a relatively small meat locker. McDermott stars as Robert, the kind of action hero that fans will instantly love. Sneering in the face of seemingly impossible odds, Robert spits insults at his captors, even after he’s received numerous beatings because of it. It’s that kind of careless spirit that makes the best action heroes, and McDermott does it all within an incredibly limited space.

Even without the various car chases, explosions, and gunfights we’ve come to expect from big budget action films, Freezer still manages to feel fast paced. The veering story helps, as viewers are never able to really wrap their heads around what’s happening, which is exactly how Robert feels. Although it threatens to overwhelm audiences with one backstabbing suggestion after another, the final result creates the same off balance feeling for viewers as it does for the characters in the film.

Although everything takes place in a meat locker, the setting seems open enough to allow for action, while still keeping the tension of being in a small space. There’s also no shortage of innovative deaths, and some great fight scenes. Add that to the very humourous dialogue between Robert and his captors, and you’ve got a simple, but amazing action film.

The final reveal takes Freezer to the next level, actually changing the way the film can be viewed. A second look at the movie, knowing what the final outcome will be, is only made more interesting. Viewers will now be able to look at the various relationships in the film, catching subtle suggestions that seemed irrelevant at first.

Is Freezer Worth Watching?

This one is actually worth watching multiple times. Repeat viewings will allow some of the subtle mysteries to be revealed, giving you the chance to enjoy the film on a different level. Great action, amazing tension, and sharp dialogue make this a movie you must watch.

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