Pez candy is getting its own animated film.

Envision Media Arts has landed an agreement with Pez to bring the candy dispensers to life. Cameron Fay (“Brother In Laws”) is set to pen the script.

According to Deadline, which first reported the news, Envision Media Arts Chief Executive Lee Nelson described the Pez world as “unique” and one that will “touch the hearts of many.” There’s no time table set for when “Pez” would hit the theaters, but with the recent success of “The Lego Movie,”” it makes sense to try and bring life to another childhood favorite with an adult following, as well.

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Pez collecting has been a hobby for decades. Last month, Pez collectors gathered at Pezamania in Cleveland, Ohio, which according it its website, is the world’s largest gathering of Pez collectors.


How the flip-top dispensers will look on screen is a mystery, since, in their non-cinematic form, they’re just big heads on top of a thin candy holder. Still, the biggest thing a Pez movie could solve would be letting casual users in on the easiest way to get the little candies into the dispenser without getting utterly frustrated.

Pez was first introduced in Austria in 1927 and continues to roll out dispensers of popular pop culture entitles such as the Minions, Disney characters, Transformers and more.

Previous movies from Envision Media Arts include Rashida Jones’s “Celeste and Jesse Forever” and Dylan McDermott’s “Freezer.”

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